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October 2020

Member News

Welcome to our new members Dr. Silvia Budday and Professor Paul Steinmann.

Dr. Budday is a Junior Research Group Leader in the Emmy Noether-Programme BRAINIACS (BRAIn mechaNIcs ACross Scales) at FAU. Her work is in experimental and computational soft tissue biomechanics with special emphasis on brain mechanics and the relationship between brain structure and function. Professor Steinmann is the Chair of Technical Mechanics in the Institute of Applied Mechanics at FAU


Brain Multiphysics

The journal launch has been very successful. Fees are waived until the end of the year, so we encourage the network to submit a paper. Here are the papers now available online: 

David B. MacManus, Andrea Menichetti, Bart Depreitere, Nele Famaey, Jos Vander Sloten, Michael Gilchrist. Towards animal surrogates for characterising large strain dynamic mechanical properties of human brain tissue. Read here

Dominic Eberle, Georgia Fodelianaki, Thomas Kurth, Anna Jagielska, Stephanie Möllmert, Elke Ulbricht, Katrin Wagner, Anna V. Taubenberger Nicole Träber, Joan-Carles Escolano, Krystyn J.Van Vliet, Jochen Guck. Acquired demyelination but not genetic developmental defects in myelination leads to brain tissue stiffness changes. Read here

P.A.Deymier, K.Runge. Biochemical basis of Quantum-like neuronal dynamics. Read here




Kristian Franze, who last year was awarded a Humboldt Professorship, and will now be a director of the Max-Planck-Zentrum für Physik und Medizin (MPZPM) as well as a new director of the Institute for Medical Physics and Microtissue Engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander University in Erlangen. Read more

Cortical cell stiffness is independent of substrate mechanics. Read here

The Forces Driving Axon Growth. Read here.


Dr. Riyi Shi

Has been appointed the Mari Hulman George Endowed Professor of Applied Neuroscience at Purdue University.

Dr. Shi has served for more than 20 years on the Purdue University faculty.  He specializes in uncovering the mechanisms of central nervous system trauma and diseases and instituting new treatments through innovative experimentation and pioneering new strategies in the field.

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Centre for Neuromechanics

Dr. Kurt Mehmet and and Dr. Johannes Weickenmeier launch the Center for Neuromechanics at Stevens Institute of Technology.

Tissue on a chip

Can we mimic neurological responses and lessen the need for in vivo experimentation? Tissue on a chip technology holds promise.

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