Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mathematical Modelling of the Brain

04 Jan 2022

We invite applications for a Postdoctoral Research Associate to work alongside Professor Alain Goriely at the Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford. The position is full time, fixed-term for 12 months, and the post-holder will be supported by a grant from the EPSRC. It is available for an immediate start. Closing Date: 12.00 noon GMT Wednesday 19th January 2022

23 PhD positions and 2 Clinician Scientist positions (m/f/d) hosted at FAU and two other participating Universities, for interdisciplinary cutting-edge research in the field of medical technology.

17 Jun 2021

The DFG funded Collaborative Research Centre – CRC 1483 – “Empatho-Kinaesthetic Sensory Systems” (EmpkinS) will investigate novel sensor and data transmission technology, as well as functional models of the human body and algorithms to enable an unobtrusive, contactless acquisition of movement parameters. 24 interdisciplinary principal investigators, and 30 newly hired researchers working within the CRC, EmpkinS will provide a globally visible research environment.

Congratulations to the winners of 6th IBMTL Workshop presentation awards

26 Apr 2021

Three outstanding presentations were awarded cash prizes by Brain Multiphysic's publisher Elsevier. Katja Heuer's Mechanical and genetic determinants of brain evolution. Miren Tamayo Elizalde, Action potential alterations induced by single neuron mechanical loading. Hadrien Oliveri, An optic ray theory for nerve durotaxis

A great place and a great team

23 Nov 2020

Dear colleagues and friends, We have two openings at Simula (one PhD and one Post-doc position) for modelling brain tumor mechanics. If you would forward to relevant candidates, that would be much appreciated! Best wishes, Marie -- Marie E. Rognes Chief Research Scientist/Research Professor Department for Numerical Analysis and Scientific Computing Simula Research Laboratory

PhD positions in Mechanobiology/Neurobiology working with Professor Kristian Franze

20 Nov 2020

This PhD position at the interface between neurobiology and biophysics/ bioengineering is available immediately in the group of Prof. Kristian Franze at the Max Planck Zentrum für Physik und Medizin. The lab combines cutting edge biophysical and cell and molecular biological approaches to understand the influence of physical cues on the functioning and malfunctioning of the nervous system.

Professors Gaurav Chopra and Riyi Shi of Purdue University awarded $1.3 million.

04 Aug 2020

The grant awarded by the Department of Defense will be used to research how the body's immune system can be trained to slow Alzheimers, and other traumatic brain injuries.

Adhesion force spectroscopy with nanostructured colloidal probes reveals nanotopography-dependent early mechanotransductive interactions at the cell membrane level

29 Jun 2020

IBMTL member Dr Carsten Schulte's new article in the journal Nanoscale, is an example of interdisciplinary research at the interface between cell biology, (bio)physics and biomimetic materials.

In vivo time-lapse stiffness mapping of living brains

13 Mar 2020

In this study the authors, including IBMTL member Kristian Franze, develop a new technique called time-lapse in vivo atomic force microscopy. A method to measure how brain stiffness changes over time in a live embryo, while also taking images of the growing axons.

'Nano comes to Life' by Professor Sonia Contera

13 Mar 2020

"The infinitesimal realm of proteins and DNA are where physics and cellular and molecular biology meet. Sonia Contera introduces readers to the rapidly evolving nanotechnologies that are allowing us to manipulate the very building blocks of life. The author gives an insider’s perspective on this new frontier, revealing how nanotechnology enables a new kind of multidisciplinary science that is poised to give us control over our own biology, our health, and our lives.

'Everything That Makes Us Human: Case Notes of a Children's Brain Surgeon' by Jay Jayamohan

13 Mar 2020

Jay Jayamohan, 'brings the high-stakes world of paediatric neurosurgery vividly and unforgettably to life.' Rachel Clarke // "My work into understanding the complexities of tackling childhood brain tumours needs us to continue to expand our understanding of the disease and this is only going to happen through an increased investment into brain tumour research. I can only treat the patients who come to me in my lifetime, but research will help generations to come.” Jay Jayamohan

Brain Injuries in Iraq Put Attention on Invisible War Wounds

20 Jan 2020

IBMTL member, Professor Riyi Shi is quoted in two articles that spotlights brain injuries suffered by American troops in Iraq. The articles draw attention to this invisible war wound which has affected hundreds of thousands over the past two decades but is not yet fully understood.

Job Opportunity: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer (Assistant/Associate Professor) in Applied Mathematics at NUI Galway.

25 Nov 2019

This permanent position at NUI has a light teaching load in the first five years, where the post holder is expected to apply for external funding. It is specifically in the area of modelling in soft tissue biomechanics. The deadline for applications is 10/12/2019. Please see "Academic Vacancies" at for details. For an informal discussion about the position contact Professor Michel Destrade by emailing:, or phoning +353-91-49-2344.

New Review: "Mechanotransduction in cell development and functioning" by Carsten Schulte, published in Biophysical Reviews

17 Oct 2019

The review gives an overview about the role mechanotransductive mechanisms play in neuronal cell development and functioning, with a particular focus on what happens during mechanosensing of biophysical cues in the cell/microenvironment interface. Furthermore, biomaterial and biophysical approaches are highlighted that are used to study and control these processes.

Website Relaunch

07 Aug 2019

Welcome to our new website, redesigned with IBMTL members in mind. You now have a tool to promote your research, inform people about events, and share opportunities for collaboration. Share your news and images, just email us, and they will appear here if by magic.

Computing’s Key to Vital Gains in Brain Research

27 Feb 2018

SES members the University of Oxford and University College London (UCL) are making a major contribution to this breakthrough era in brain research.

Brain disease affects 99% of NFL players

25 Jul 2017

New study in Journal of the American Medical Association shows “Brain disease affects 99% of NFL players”. Authors include Dr. Ann McKee and IBMTL member Prof. Lee Goldstein from Boston University.

What maths does: Geometry, skull growth and brain mechanics

16 Jun 2017

IBMTL Co-Director, Prof Alain Goriely, has written a piece for the Oxford Science Blog highlighting the maths of the brain.

Use of biomaterials based on the use of chitosan alone for spinal cord injury repair

19 May 2017

A new publication from IBMTL member Fatiha Nothias on the use of biomaterials based on the use of chitosan alone for spinal cord injury repair.

New publication: On the mechanical behaviour of PEEK and HA cranial implants under impact loading

01 May 2017

New publication on Cranial Implants published: On the mechanical behaviour of PEEK and HA cranial implants under impact loading. Includes numerous authors from the IBMTL collaboration.

We Are All Soft In The Head

30 Mar 2017

‘We Are All Soft In The Head’ – according to IBMTL member Professor Michel Destrade

Applied mathematics: don’t think twice, it’s all right

14 Feb 2017

Interview with Prof Alain Goriely on how applied mathematics relates to study of the brain: ‘Applied mathematics: don’t think twice, it’s all right’.

Unfolding the Brain Can the way the brain folds determine how you think?

01 Jan 2017

Unfolding the Brain Can the way the brain folds determine how you think? Professor Ellen Kuhl explains how mechanical forces affect the wrinkles in your brain.

New paper: 'Stress Singularities in Swelling Soft Solids'

21 Sep 2016

New paper by Alain Goriely, Johannes Weickenmeier, and Ellen Kuhl, ‘Stress Singularities in Swelling Soft Solids’ in Phys. Rev. Lett. 117. The article is discussed in the ‘Physics Buzz Blog’ here.

Nature Neuroscience: ‘Mechanosensing is critical for axon growth in the developing brain’

19 Sep 2016

IBMTL member Kristian Franze is one of the authors of a new paper, published in Nature Neuroscience: ‘Mechanosensing is critical for axon growth in the developing brain’. There is some excellent coverage of the article here and here.

EPSRC’s “Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards”

12 Feb 2016

Antoine Jerusalem one of first 9 winners of the EPSRC’s “Healthcare Technologies Challenge Awards” with ‘NeuroPulse’ grant.

Galway City Tribune newspaper article and Galway Bay FM interview with Prof Michel Destrade

04 Jan 2016

Galway City Tribune newspaper article and Galway Bay FM interview with Prof Michel Destrade on his research with scientists from Tsinghua University in Beijing, entitled ‘Soft in the Head’

Wireless sensor enables study of traumatic brain injury

30 Nov 2015

Paper by Prof Riyi Shi's paper 'Wireless sensor enables study of traumatic brain injury' published in the journal Scientific Reports

Article about Prof Riyi Shi's recent JNS publication

17 Sep 2015

Article about Prof Riyi Shi's recent JNS publication: 'Laboratory research mimics blast-induced brain trauma in soldiers'

New Journal of the Royal Society Interface paper

09 Sep 2015

New Journal of the Royal Society Interface paper, co-authored by IBMTL Co-Director, Professor Alain Goriely: 'A comparison of hyperelastic constitutive models applicable to brain and fat tissues'

Professor Antoine Jerusalem is interviewed about 'Openness'

15 Jul 2015

Professor Antoine Jerusalem is interviewed about 'Openness' and the opportunities Open Data makes possible

Professor Lee Goldstein awarded an Astor Visiting Lecturer award

25 Feb 2015

IBMTL member Prof. Lee Goldstein awarded an Astor Visiting Lecturer award to visit IBMTL in Oxford

'A sporting chance against brain injury'

28 Aug 2014

Article in Irish Times highlighting Brainmech partner's research.

Pulitzer Prize winning article

15 Apr 2014

Article featured in The Gazette highlighting research from a Brainmech partner

New international initiative

06 Jan 2014

New international initiative focuses on brain mechanics and trauma research