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August 2019

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We’ve redesigned our website with IBMTL members in mind, and so you now have a tool to promote your research, inform people about events, and share opportunities for collaboration.


Member News

Every 6 months or so we’ll circulate a News digest of the most significant research, events and opportunities in the field to IBMTL members and beyond.


Focused Ultrasound Neuromodulation

We are pleased to announce that international pioneers and leaders in the field will be presenting their work on this non-invasive, focal, deep brain neuromodulation in Oxford this September. Read more



The mechanics of a “twisted” brain

A study led by Valentina Balbi, with co-authors Michel Destrade, Aisling Ní Annaidh and Antonia Trotta, measured the twisting properties of brain matter using advanced torsion techniques carried out on pig brains.  Read more



Fifty shades of brain

In this review of the mechanical testing and modelling of brain tissue Silvia Budday, Timothy Ovaert, Gerhard Holzapfel,  Paul Steinmann and Ellen Kuhl assess the challenges associated with testing and modeling, and work out the most important characteristics of brain tissue behaviour on different length and time scales. Read more




The neuronal membrane as a multiphysics gateway to ultrasound neuromodulation and anaesthesia

This review summarises recent updates concerning electrophysiological-mechanical coupling in neuronal function and aims at making the link with two relevant yet often disconnected fields with strong clinical potential: ultrasound neuromodulation and general anaesthetics. Read more